Friday, January 16, 2015

It's been about a year, so I figure it's time for another blog post!

Let's see. Since the last time I checked in here, I've been doing my normal studio illustration and private commission work throughout the year for various clients. In August and September, I went to Austria to give a presentation at an artist's convention. In October I got married, and went to Europe again for our honeymoon to England, Belgium and France. And I have been oil painting for pleasure whenever I get the time. Most months, I lead an informal outing of plein air painters with the San Diego chapter of the California Art Club. And most Saturdays, I paint portrait studies from models with a small group of artists in La Jolla.

Here's some highlights from 2014:

 Commemorating the passing of local legend Tony Gwynn.

 A canine watercolor portrait

A few oil painted studies from life...

 This portrait was an unusual request from a local gallery. But was fun!

 Giving a seminar at a small artist convention in Vienna.

 Enjoying Bruges with my new wife.

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